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We have expertise in helping clients produce better decisions, combining a superior understanding of market dynamics and a perspective on future energy sector regulation.

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Stratos European Policy Limited

Stratos European Policy Limited (a sister business to Stratos Energy Consulting) is a consultancy company working principally on key European Union (EU) decision-making processes in Brussels.

Stratos European Policy offers analytical and related consulting services to business and institutional clients with an interest in EU policy development, the passage of new EU legislation and the impact of existing EU derived regulation in Member States.

For further information on our services relating to European electricity, gas and greenhouse gas emissions, market analysis and regulatory insights please visit www.stratospolicy.com.

What our clients say

"Stratos Energy Consulting has helped us to feel more confident about our decision to make a major investment in the European electricity sector, at a time when the price, demand and regulatory outlooks are highly uncertain."

"We have appreciated the historic market analyses delivered by Stratos, which have enabled us to move forward in a high value dispute with major implications for our future strategy."